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Welcome To Our Oasis
To Enhance Peace, Promote Healing and Cultivate Self Awareness

Kundalini yoga is a 5,000-year-old science and technology that works with the glandular system, nervous system, and the physical and energetic systems of the body.

Designed to work fast to clear your subconscious mind, balance, ground, and align your energies, give you sovereignty, prosperity, cultivate your intuition, raise your frequency, and put you on a positive current.

Kundalini yoga technology was specifically designed to not only get us through but to thrive during the pressurized and turbulent times of the Aquarian Age-the age we are in now


Golden Prana provides a safe, spiritually infused environment in which personal growth and elevation are encouraged.  We have happily teamed up with the Yoga Loft at The Bedford Post 

 and will be holding all of our classes there as well as the monthly Gong and Sound baths.   


Golden Prana is truly a place of Community; we are a sanctuary for your wellbeing and creative spirit. We welcome you to join us in the exploration of the soul.

Golden Prana provides a safe and comfortable environment to practice
healthy healing, meditative arts. Our unique classes offer tools to encourage
personal and spiritual growth, awareness, elevation and transformation.
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