Class Descriptions

Kundalini Yoga is the Yoga of Awareness. aimed at raising ones consciousness to provide improved health, awareness of habits, and greater clarity. It works effectively and quickly to achieve physical, mental, and spiritual balance. The practice of Kundalini Yoga is unique and at first glance, may not look like any yoga you’ve seen or practiced. It works on physical and subtle levels to balance the mind, body and emotions. The exercise sets and meditations open pathways for us to unfold and discover our true self. Coming into ourselves is a transformative process, regardless of our chronologic age in a linear sense, we have the opportunity to emerge and grow, to connect with our soul and live this life on our true path.
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This online course is designed to break our self-defeating mental attitudes, promote self-reliance and begin to heal unwanted habits and behaviors by creating healing habits.Through yoga, meditations and breath awareness, we will increase our awareness of mental and emotional patterns that keep us stuck in addictive cycles. This course will promote a state of well being through physical, mental and spiritual healing by creating healing habits and access inner wisdom that motivates us to choose to embrace a healthy lifestyle. The body can heal itself with healthy habits and using food as medicine. We look forward to seeing you there. This is a special 8 week course, starting October 27th.
Details coming soon!